Sunday, November 2, 2008

Turning 60

Well, I did it. I turned 60 last week. My loving husband did the most wonderful thing...He took me to Las Vegas for my birthday. AND to the first restaurant we went to as man and wife on our honeymoon, a mere 41 years ago. We went to Binnions, on Fremont Street, when we were married and then again last Wednesday night and it was just as wonderful as I remembered it 41 years ago. Our waiter was a fellow named Pat and he was very good to us and treated me to my very favorite desert--Cream Brulee'. We stayed at a beautiful hotel called Bill's Gamblin' Hall and Saloon. (Don't let the name throw you.) It was truly beautiful. We had a great time and would go back to that same place in a heartbeat. (Provided that now I'm 60 my heart will still beat!)

Another decade has passed and life goes on.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Introducing Jadea Lynn Taylor

Yes, yet another party. We had the best time welcoming to the family Jadea Lynn. She is the granddaughter of my sister-in-law, Becky. Here are several pictures from the baby shower that we gave for Becky's daughter, Nicole and her new little one, Jadea Lynn. It was quite the party, Jadea's Great Grandma Shanna doesn't spare anything for the new babies in the family. We started with a salad with greens, fresh raspberries, fresh Roquefort cheese, toasted pecans and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Next on the menu was glazed chicken breasts in a white wine sauce, green beans with almonds, wild rice and lovely dinner rolls from our favorite bakery. After presents we finished off with cream pies.

As you can tell from my blog, we do party hearty and eat well. Hope you enjoy the slide show.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another week has passed on...

It has been a little while since I have talked to you all. I have seen the weeks go my too fast since all our partying. I have taken to needle and thread and pushed the adhesive and card stock aside for a little bit. Here is what I have been working on. I'm involved with a group of ladies that are doing a fundraiser and I am giving these baby quilts as a donation for their boutique on October 10th.
The needle and thread will now be given up for culinary skills as we are having a big baby shower this weekend, so maybe after that I can get back to adhesive and card stock. Have a good week.

PS-We went to our grand-daughter Sydney play volly ball last night. She is very excited to belong to the team and they did super. Check out Angie's blog to see Syd in action.

Friday, September 19, 2008

New Cards

When we haven't been partying, I have managed to make a few new cards. Most of the products are Stampin' Up, I'm sure you can tell. They were fun.

More Family Family Family

Well, it has been one week since our party with the Madsens. Now it is time to party with the Reeces. Every year we hold our "Spaghetti Annual" around the 25th or so of September. It began way back when--Shanna and Tom (the original grandparents) would take the six little Reeces in the car to the canyon to look at the pretty leaves in the fall. Shanna would always prepare spaghetti and the essential accompaniments and they would enjoy the fall weather and eat spaghetti and look at the leaves. Then when everyone grew up, Grandpa Tom always got his condo in Park City and kept up the tradition of the "spaghetti annual". Grandma Shanna would always prepare the spaghetti and the rest of the family would provide the accompaniments. This year, we kind of broke tradition and had the party at a home. Not just any home, it was at the home of our cousin Bruce in Kamas. That made it feel like we were in the canyons or the mountains. It was such a fun time. Here are some pictures of us all eating (which is what we like to do best!). It was pretty windy, so that is why we all look so prim and proper. (not enough room for captions on the photos--sorry)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Family, family, family!

This past weekend we had a Madsen Cousin's Party. My mom had 11 brothers and sisters. She and five sibblings came from Denmark to the USA when she was a child. Six more were born in Provo. Needless to say, I have lots of cousins. 40 in fact!! In years past we tried to all get together with our children, and such, but obviously it was a HUGE undertaking and was way too much to handle. After a few years of not seeing the Madsen side of our family, Cousin Jim thought it would be a good idea to start a "Cousin's Party" and have been doing that for the past few years, usually in the fall.

It was very fun to see our cous's this year and here are some pictures of the party. The fun thing about this year is that it was held at one of our aunt's home--Aunt Oggie. Aunt Oggie is no longer with us, but her granddaughter, Debbie, purchased the home and we are so glad that it is still in the family. In our younger years, my sister, Susan, and I spent a lot of time at Aunt Oggie's house--the one with the swimming pool!! That was a big deal years ago. We only have one remaining sister left in the Madsen clan, Aunt Aggie and one sister-in-law, Aunt Marguerite. They have lots of great stories about the "old" days in the Madsen home. Hope you like the pictures.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Working on New Things

Now that my daughter has me a new banner, my second son, Mark, is here helping me with the images. Here goes:

This is a birthday card I made for a card party. Question: Does it look like a lady bug or a fly??